Friday, March 21, 2008

Red Roving, Red Roving

INBA talked me into some red roving. He was looking to steal more of my Northern Lights, so I let him talk me into some Kraemer red roving. It is a little weird, I wonder if it is meant for needle felting or if there is even a difference in preparations... do you know?
All I know is that it is really tough for him to use with his drop spindle. And I know that I don't want to share my other bag of Northern Lights- Toffee!
The plan (at the moment) is to buy a fleece at Maryland Sheep and Wool (I paid for my bus ticket on Wednesday!!) that he and I can prepare and spin over the summer. He wants to dye some... Red! How did you guess? Which is fine, I think it will be a great project for us.
And some progress on the cobblestone. I have almost 2 sleeves done and another inch or two of the body to go. And, if the Mister didn't have such long arms and a long torso, I would have joined everything up by now! The joy and curse of custom creations.
I am really pleased with the pattern and with the yarn. The pictures don't do the color justice. It is a really warm and tweedy brown.

I finished the Fire On The Mountain socks.
I am frogging the gull wings in the crocus yarn.
I am itching to start another project, I am just not sure which one gets to go next!
Who feels lucky?

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DDancer said...

The Kraemer roving need quite a bit of fluffing and pre-drafting to get working. As well, if it doesn't want to slide from one end, flip it around and try the other end.

You might even want to split the roving into 2-4 thinner strips and then pre-draft a bit.