Saturday, March 22, 2008

All I Want

For my Birthday
The Mister is about ready to cancel my subscription to Budget Travel.
This is what I want for my Birthday. Bad. Really Bad.
Sure, I am not denying that the relentlessly dreary months of February and March have taken their toll. But in all ways, on any day, Italy would be a welcome relief.
I promise, I have been really good this year. Or, at least, not as bad as I could have been.
I promise I will be really, really good for the next year.
Where's my passport?
I think I have another year before it expires.
Where's my phrase book?
I... know... it... is here.... somewhere... under all that... yarn...
Oh, come on... pleeeeeease?


LaurieG said...

If you can just get 190 friends to pitch in $10 each....(but the Mister is on his own)

Heather said...

Oh Heather, if hubby won't take you, take yourself and I'll go with you!!! I really, really, really want (and plan) to go to Italy this summer, and that tour sounds heavenly!

Hope you get your birthday wish. You know how to reach me if you don't!!!