Thursday, March 06, 2008


Well, can you hear me laughing?
It takes a man to write an article like this about a man doing a study about that.
If I can sum up for you... Women have been saying for years (decades, centuries, I would venture) that there is nothing sexier than a man doing the dishes. And a man does a study that links the amount of housework a man does to getting more sex and it makes the national news wire. I am rolling on the floor laughing. DUH!!
On to Optomism
The remnants of a snow man.I told you that I saw robins!
The painful optomism of the Daffodils.
It was 30 degrees this morning.

But spring is indeed coming. It shows up every year. And the groundhog said that we have 2 more weeks, at least, until it does, again.

Until then... I am going to go show the Mister this article and how much nicer his life could be if he cleaned the bathroom.


Rani said...

that is so damn funny! K and I have had the same conversation for years. Do some laundry (without being asked) and it so sooooooo sexy!!!

stupid researchers

We still have white white snow everywhere. I can't believe how springy it looks there. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Once my Mister picked his gutchies up off the floor without me having to nag him and I almost jumped him right there... almost because were I to do so the gutchies would end up back on the floor defeating the purpose entirely.

He's super sexy when he makes grilled cheese though, you know, when I can see him through the smoke of burning bread and dairy products...... mmmmmm. :D