Monday, March 31, 2008

A Good Week

The boys took advantage of a "warm" day and, along with the neighbor boy, played with their Easter gift from Grandma.

Chez Mayhem entered the Digital Age!

Well, as well as we can.

The Mister used his coupon to pick up a Digital Converter for our poor little analog TV.

And guess what? The active antenna that we had for the tv, boosts the digital signal, too! Woot! Saves us another 40-70 bucks! And we get twice as many channels as we did before. (Funny, still nothing on worth watching.) And the reception is crazy good. As in, looks like we have cable hooked up. Wow. Except when an airplane goes over or the clouds are real low. Then it is a little buggy. Nothin's perfect. LOL.


I finished the Cobblestone. This is the crappy picture that I took of it. Funny, I was upset with the Mister when I started it and upset when I finished, too. Poor Mister, so maligned.

This was done in Tatamy Tweed Worsted in the walnut color. I added 2 (TWO!!) inches to the sleeves (both of them!!) and to the torso(!!). It fits him fabulously.

I have decided, however, that it is most flattering to have a saddle shoulder for my Mister's sweaters. From now on, (unless I change my mind) that is what I am going to make.

Moving on...

What was the real motivation to finish Cobblestone so quickly (Feb 26-March 28)?

I needed the needles to make my sweater.

This, which will be my 'February Sweater'.

I ordered the yarn (Patons Classic Wool Tweed, paprika) in February, and I swear it seemed so much brighter than it does now.

Either way, I love it.

And I ordered it here, the nicest lady and good prices to boot.

Isn't that a pretty picture of the sleeve that I frogged. Yes, frogged. I made several errors. The least of which involves me not being able to read. la-la-la. Ribbit. Ribbit.

But I started over and am much happier and reading the pattern, this time.

I don't know if I will post again this week. The Extravaganza is on Friday and there are bound to be loose ends and such to occupy my time.

Hope your week is sunny!


LaurieG said...

I can't believe you finished that sweater already (the Mister looks great in it, btw)! That cardi will look great on you. Love that tweedy yarn.

Celtic Queen said...

That cardi will fly by. It's an easy pattern to remember. So much so, I think I could still pick it up and work it. :)

Lacey said...

Both sweaters are awesome! Your lucky, my hubby would not wear anything I made him.