Sunday, April 06, 2008

Regular programing will resume shortly

The Extravaganza was Friday. Much success, if I do say so myself.
Heeding Heather's fabulous advice, I donated 3 hours of knitting lessons to the silent auction. Would you believe that it sold for $150!! Makes a girl feel special, I tell you. Oh, and it is a good cause.
Hopefully, we made a ton of money. That will be figured out as the week goes on. Either way, it was more than they had last Thursday!

And you guess correctly if you assume that hardly a stitch was knit this whole week. I am working to reverse that trend... but laundry didn't get done this week, either...


Heather said...

WAHOOOO!!! You got much more $$ than I did. I think my lady wound up paying only about $30 after-the-fact (it wasn't even bid on the night of the auction). You go girl!!!

And yes, do finish that stole! I'm nearing the finish line on mine. Hope to be down to just one chart by the end of tonight!!!


Downtown Dancing Knitter said...

I didn't see you Friday!! It was nuts tho- you probably realized that with all the people there. Haha-