Thursday, August 09, 2007

Whatcha been doin'?

I guess the way to get your friends to call is to neglect your blog. Laurie said, "I don't know what you have been doing because you haven't posted." I just wanted you to call.

This is a little of what I have been doing.
Staying up late. I mean, working on the Mister's sweater. Isn't it lovely? Yes, I fondle it late into the night and even spent a morning in a cafe in Oakland working on it.
I didn't go to Oakland just to work on the sweater, although that would not offend me, the Boys are at Art Camp at the Carnegie this week. It is unbearably humid here lately, hello, August, and it doesn't make me want to roam around like I would like to do if the weather didn't suck so bad. *whew* I also spent some time in the library, knitting and looking at knitting books. The room with the International Poetry has some very nice leather chairs, fyi. Oh, and I went over to KnitOne and knit for an hour (and bought some Kaffe Fassett sock yarn :) one day, too.

So, I finished the Baby Cable Rib socks for Vicki, too. I think she will like them. The Kaffe Fassett yarn will be for my sister's pair, I think. I am sorry, but dark blue socks do NOTHING for me. The only reason these were completed is that they are for small feet. ugh. Sister will have to deal with some stripes.

And this is the Mystery Stole progress. I took all these pictures in very bad night time light because Laurie didn't know what I was doing so I had to post :)
This is starting into clue 3, I am a bit further now.

a lovely little close up.

gotta love the bead action.

Ok, this was this afternoon. INBA likes to help me with the laundry (yes I am encouraging this with every fiber of my being.) And once it started, he sat down on the floor to watch the clothes being washed. I thought, of course, "Man, I wish I had my camera!" He sat there so long, I said, "Hey, INBA, can I go get my camera and take your picture for my blog?" Vanity always wins. "Sure," he says without looking at me and continues to hang out, watching the laundry spin.

He was fascinated by the mechanics of the machine, the way the water stops and starts and that he could see the clothes becoming wet.

It is pretty amazing. Thanks for the picture.


LaurieG said...

Maybe if you got a Dyson he'd be that interested in vacuuming, too! He could see the dirt getting sucked up and swirled around...

Do they still have the old Red Heart pattern books from the '50s in the stacks?

Did you get caught in that storm?

Rani said...

First of all, I'm jealous of your front loader!

WOW! You HAVE been busy! Gorgeous sweater! I love the socks!

A beaded shawl sounds intimidating, but yours is so beautiful, I may have to try my hand . . .

Lacey said...

I wish I had the time and patience to sit down and do Fair Isle. I can't even do two knitting projects at once. Everything looks great!

Celtic Queen said...

Now you're making me feel the slacker. Guess I'll have to concentrate on my stuff this weekend. :)