Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thinking About Packing

We are leaving in the morning for Michigan. I should be packing. I will pack, eventually. Geesh, we don't leave for another 15 hours!
The Mister took the kids for a hike this weekend. Rachel Carson Homestead, I think. Up the Allegheny, he said.Eldest got to practice taking pictures, too.
So I worked on this. I have a really bad need to be sewing right now. I want to make a quilt. My fabric stash is dwindling (by design) and I have mainly Japanese prints that I want to stop fondling and make into a quilt. I ordered a book to inspire and guide me, but it will arrive while we are away. SOOO, while looking over here, I was inspired even further. No need to remind you what a bag-lady I am.
A couple of hours of quiet time and ta-da! A Whimsy Bag.
You know what the Mister said? He said, "Oh, (as in yuck) that looks like something my mom would wear." In response to my horrified expression he says, "You know, the eccentric old lady that thinks she is fasionable but isn't." After gouging my heart out, he goes on, "Come on, even some of Calvin Klein's work ends up in the garbage, they can't all be winners!"
I like it.
I told him, "Oh well, I am still going to use it. Even if you think it is garbage And I won't tell your mother what you said. True or not."
Wait until he sees that I have some of the pieces cut from this fabric to make ANOTHER one. I may have to be a tacky-old-lady sooner than anticipated just to show him! Yeah, that'll show him.

Mystery Stole 3, clue 3 complete.
My afghans for Afghans project. I have quite a bit, still, of this Andean Silk Twist, I might make some mittens to go along with this. It needs to be to San Francisco by Sept. 21. We'll have to see about timing.
So many projects, so little time.
9 hours in the car tomorrow should allow a little time for at least one project... in the trashy bag. Oh, yeah, it is going to Michigan.


LaurieG said...

Hey, Dave and YS slept there (Rachel Carson Homestead) on their 150 mile canoe trip down the Allegheny! It was their last stop before getting to Pgh. I like the bag, but I may not be the arbiter of good taste.

Downtown Dancing Knitter said...

The MS3 is GORGIOUS!!! Love it!

Rani said...

Couldn't you use the remaining scraps from the bag and make you hubby a nice new pair of briefs? Tee hee hee. I like the bag, too! Much better than a plastic bag!

Gorgeous Afghan!

Lacey said...

Don't worry I am a last minute packer too! Nice bag. I have found that you can never have enough of those.

Heather said...

Heather - I absolutely LOVE the yarn you used for MS3! It would be great for Hanami as well - with the whole Cherry Blossom theme. Are you participating there? I can't believe it's been this long since I've checked your blog. The Summer has been busy for both of us!