Friday, August 24, 2007

STR Spoilage for August

At last, a pattern that suits the yarn!
It is a lovely lace cuffed anklet. I really like it.They included a couple of temporary tatoos. The boys, who love temporary tatoos, were not impressed with the thought of Mommy with a tat. I even said, "Hey, I can be like Aunt Kati!" No, no, no.
Mommies get no fun.


Rani said...

hooray! Another project!

tattoos - on a crazy college weekend, I got one - hurt like hell but now that i'm entering middle age, its makes me feel a bit artsy fartsy and crazier than people take me for. . .

Celtic Queen said...

Love all your new posts. And I've considered the same wheel that you pointed out. :) I too received my STR and believe you are right about the pattern. Might even work out for some of the other colors I have too. :)