Wednesday, August 22, 2007


First things first.
I made a hat for Eldest. It is a pattern by Lacey's Wool Gathering.
Instead of the 6 colors, I used brown and the hand-dye that the boys made.
It turned out pink instead of red, so INBA doesn't like it- I believe he said that the hat looked "stupid." Yes, I am feeling the love at Chez Mayhem.
Regardless, Eldest liked the hat much more when I told him that it was his (their) yarn.
What ever works, I cannot be proud. Glimpse of Michigan
One of the highlights of the trip was a trip to Lake Michigan and the Sleeping Bear Dunes.
We love the National Parks and this was no exception.
I will start with the boys and me at the lake shore.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the scenic drive. That is Bar Lake in the foreground and Lake Michigan in the background.

Here are the boys at the tippy-top of the Dune Climb. See that little speck in between the boys? That would be me.
Call me a sissy if you will, but that was one heck of a climb that I made and I felt no desire to go to thinner air. Oh, and that would be little Glen Lake behind them.

Gee, they look like little angels, don't they?
Oh, and this was another highlight. Kati (middle) Kristyn (right) and Annette (bottom) went wine tasting on Old Mission Penninsula and then met up with The Mister and the Boys on the beach in front of the Holiday Inn in Traverse City. Quite a nice photo op.

And then, of course, I didn't take any pictures of my family that I see next to never. Ugh. I always do that. Still, a big shout out to My cousins and Aunts and Uncle. Hey, DoubleE, I am totally serious about the hair of your bison. And Stacey, you need to come to visit me, again. My Aunt gave me wool, my Cousin-in-law gave me mushrooms. I came home with wine and peaches and a cool candle. Maybe a little sock yarn and I might have fallen in love with a new spinning wheel at the Gaylord Yarn Shop. But, I am not sure that any of that can be proven.

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Lacey said...

that hat is awsome. Do you have a pattern for your burp cloths made of flannel? If so will you share? Looks like your vaca was alot of fun.