Friday, August 10, 2007

Funny You Ask...

Laurie wondered if I got caught in the storms... Uh, no. It was 'beautiful' in Oakland, i.e. sunny and so humid and hot it was uncomfortable to breathe. The boys and I were heading home, Wednesday, I guess that was, and we are cruising along Blvd. of the Allies and I look out my window and say to the boys, "Wow, looks like it is raining in the South Hills." Sure enough. We took the Liberty Bridge and Tube and West Liberty Ave. and as we drive up into Dormont it starts raining. But we drove out of it and I was amazed at how wet it was as we made our way home!
Yesterday, it quit raining before we left in the morning and it didn't start again until after we got home.
Today, no rain until we had completed our week of camp. While inside Costco in the Waterfront (on a mission to pick up the Mister's contacts and the boys favorite lunch of pizza-as-big-as-their-head) it poured! But, when we were done, it was mere sprinkles. Then we were off to Century III to get $49 glasses for Eldest. It was blue skies when we emerged! Too much good luck if you ask me. Or it could just make up for last month when we had a playdate and an impromtu storm drenched us in a matter of moments. I'll take it as make up.

Oh, did you notice that I had to go buy Eldest another pair of glasses? He lost his. Um, sometime between the last day of school and last week. I would think that if a pair of glasses is set aside and not worn for 8 weeks, the glasses would be in the same spot when one goes back to get them. This is not the case in our house, apparently. I gave up and bought him the cheapest pair I could find. The optical shop where we bought the original pair (with our vision insurance) wanted $250 to replace them. That was some sort of discount, too, yeah, right. Seeing (heh) that he is going to be going back to the optometrist in 5 months or so, I couldn't really stomach $250 bucks, 'cuz you know that means that his script would change and I would still be spending more. Ugh, do I sound like the worst mom ever? c'mon, he could care less that he lost them and he doesn't think that they do much for him anyway... (of course, he is 7 and it makes no difference that his eyes are bad enough that he wouldn't pass a driver's eye test without them... yes, he needs them, no matter what he thinks.)

Change of Subject

As far as FairIsle goes, it is not hard. Not at all. Actually it is way too much fun to have with yarn. So, your worries should not be your ability to accomplish knitting with 2 colors, your worries should be if you feel comfortable enough with your knitting obsessions to endure the concerned looks from love ones as you giggle and squeal with glee at each completed row and repeat. Of course, they don't look nearly as concerned if the object is destined for them. Funny that way.

Tonight is Knitting Night... that means an inordinate amount of laughter in the local bookstore.

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