Saturday, April 01, 2006

I'm a Model

If you know what I mean

My doll, Pansy, here, usually stands around my sewing room in her undies and a 1st communion veil. Lucky day for her is today when she is Model of the Moment. I finished the sweater and skirt for Miss M's Mimi. It looks so nice on Pansy, I feel bad taking it off to put in the present pile. Poor Pansy, I guess I wasn't much of a Doll-girl, otherwise I might have made her her own suit of clothes by now. To be practical, however, it would be a bit of a hassle to undress her to try on a garment and then dress her again. Besides, her undies are pretty. No, I won't post a picture of Pansy in her undies, that would be indecent.


The crocus is already waning.

A couple of days of real warmth and then an afternoon of rain and the Jonquils open their eyes.

The Forsythia that is between us and our neighbors to the east...

and what it looks like from my desk. It is a nice bit of sunshine on an otherwise grey day.

I need a little oomph. I keep looking at the fabric for the bag but I just cannot seem to pick it up and do something. This may stem from having that Rooster fabric for at least 3 years. I really love it. For some reason, lately I have been focused on using the stash of stuff that I love. My Italian yarn, for example. Now I want to make a bag out of the Roosters. Maybe I haven't given myself enough time to commit to the commitment of cutting. It has been laying on my ironing board for only a week. It took a couple of months for me to decide what to do with the Italian yarn.
I really like just standing and looking at it for a few minutes.
And really, if my Sister doesn't like the bag, it sure won't hurt me to keep it.


I just need to cut it.

Maybe tomorrow.

A positive thing about PGH

I thought I had run out of good things about the 'burgh, but it was so lovely on Thursday that I remembered another.

**Rita's. Tangerine Italian Ice. Strawberry Gelati. Chocolate Custard.
They should all have an asterick of their own. YUM.


Anonymous said...


I love what you have done with that ugly yarn. It really is beautiful.
You are so talented~That's my girl!

About those spring pictures!!!!
Quit bragging. I am sitting here freezing. Still snow on the ground in patches.

Anonymous said...

ah, you are amazing but i have known this for 20+ years. and your comments on Pansy you crack me up. I can't wait to see you and the fam