Friday, March 31, 2006

Only for Gold


So I was looking at spinning wheels because Laurie had hers at our knitting group last week and I am a total fiber-aholic looking to feed the beast. Looking, just looking. I told The Mister about my meanderings through said topics and he was so supportive! He said, "you better be able to spin gold!" Can you believe what a man I married! Gold, indeed. Funny.

I guess that means that I won't get my own kiwi for my birthday. *pout*

Either way, I will Entertain Myself.

I joined this group of knitters sewing bags in April. We already know that I am a total bag-lady, so this is not a stretch. Although, I am finding myself really excited and ambitious at the moment. I think the sun and warmth that we have had the last 2 days has refilled my tank a bit. Could it really be spring?!?!

How Happy am I?

My best friend, Lady K, actually read my blog and left a comment without being harassed by the blogger! Thanks, girl. And if there is a website for the trout festival, I will advertise for you. Look, there I went and found the link for you. Ah, Kalkaska.


Anonymous said...


I have been looking at your blog
and find it very interesting. I love your sitting room.. Oh to have color. mmmmmm.
So thank you for harassing me, You are so creative. Oh I wish this had spell check.

Anonymous said...

hey thanks heather. You rock.
It is with pleasure that I read your blog. I love the pictures of the home.. I am so excited to see it. see you soon