Monday, April 17, 2006

It Must Have Been a Party

'Cuz My Place is Trashed...

In a really good way, not like my 21st Birthday way. There are plastic eggs and candy wrappers, Easter Grass, play sand and yard grass, mysterious spots and specks on the carpet and woodfloors, too. Tons of linen to be washed, toys to be picked up, Thank-you's to be written and wine bottles to be recycled.

I am so exhauseted and I haven't done a thing.

I have beautiful flowers from MIL to enjoy... makes the rest less noticable...not really, but the flowers are gorgeous.

Here we are. INBA is so happy to go to Church. He ended up sleeping through the whole Mass, woke up at the end, excited and exclaiming, "I was really good in Church!!"
Uh, yeah.

My Sister and her kids were here, too.

They all hunted eggs around the yard.

The Easter Bunny hid them at 11pm the night before. Honestly, they seemed pretty well hid until the sun came up. But that is ok, because 3 of the 4 hunters were male and we know how males look for stuff. Hiding in plain sight is the toughest to spot.

Oh, How Spoiled I Am!!

My Friends spoiled me. An outrageously gorgeous knitting bag along with 4 projects and a book of socks!!! Whew! Thank you, Laurie and Celtic Queen!

And I am noticing something about myself. I love socks. I enjoyed the Olympic sweater, and really knitting just about anything, but I think that socks are just the best. Oh, and my shawls, too, but the lace patterns are still stressful and I have to be really awake to concentrate on the patterns. But Socks are my thing and I am just going to embrace it.

And since The Mister knows this, I am in like Flynn.

He gave me a wool sock kit from Peace Fleece.
How awesome is my Man?

I think he likes socially conscious knitting, too.

And you know that this picture doesn't do the colors justice.


Oh, so I felt a little guilty.

I cast on his other sock.

I am almost ready to turn the heel (I tell myself.)

Lookie here. This is my pleasure. I don't know why I feel so guilty for absolutely loving this sock yarn.

Part of it is probably the coolness of learning a new method, but most of it is just the color and pattern itself. Those little flecks that you can see in the dark green are the metallic sparkles. I really like the sparkle (I think I mentioned that before.) And do you see how the blue and white pattern is different each band?

Very cool and Very amusing.

My new Sock book has another method for toe up and a couple of ways of doing the heel. I am anxious to try them. I am thinking of doing some baby sock size testers. It is hard on me when I am feeling like I need to hurry a project so that I can get on to the next to try something new. My temperment doesn't allow for unfinished to linger, it makes me a bit manic trying to finish it all. Unfortunately this leads to terrible procrastination, I don't start things until I am confident that I can finish them.

Come to think of it, that is probably why I like socks. They are portable, relatively quick to finish, and even though I usually only get to do a row here or there, they are with me most all the time. I can feel productive with them even if it takes me a month to do one sock. And I don't have to feel bad because I have another project that I work on only at home.

Tricky mind. Funny how I play games with myself and don't realize.
Actually, a little disturbing.
I guess I should start cleaning my house or it never will get done.


Emma said...

You made out like a bandit. Looks like a good time was had by all.

Anonymous said...

INBA sock size are good testers AND perfect as rewards for good behavior. Ian loves "Magic Socks" :) BTW, glad you like the gifts.

LaurieG said...

I'm not a bag person, but I keep looking at that bag and thinking how good it looks. Oh well, I'm sure it's better off with someone who will really use it. Happy Birthday again!