Friday, April 21, 2006

Where Have I Been?

Playing Outside

This is the Pear Tree in our back yard. It is a little hard to see the flowers, the leaves sprouted almost immediately. It smells very nice and the BEES love it.

This is my Neighbor's Crab Apple Tree. It fills the air with an almost overwhelming fragrance.

Where else have I been...
Oh, how right you are!
Thank goodness for the Pharmacist. Allergy meds galore. I found out not too long after moving to this lovely area that I am allergic to Oak Trees. Convenient that the neighbor on the other side of the Neighbors has Oak Trees ringing their yard. Lovely? Quite. Thankfully there are DRUGS that allow me to go out side this year.

You Know What the Boys Like...

The Sandbox is perhaps man's greatest invention.

Even when we would go to the Beach, the boys spent the vast majority of the time in the sand.

Anyway, the Sandbox has had 4oo pounds of sand added to it this week. I think it needs 150 more.

They have spent most of the last week in that box. They should have a good amount of sand. Unlike last year when The Mister built the box with them and then proceeded to skimp on the sand so that half way thru the summer they were down to the ground below. Cruel. Not this year, dear children. Mommy will make it better.

The weather is starting to turn, it is cooling off and getting quite grey, I guess that 4 days of rain might really be coming.

Outdoor Chores

I spent one day outside with the boys. They were in the Sandbox and I gave the porch a good cleaning... vacuumed, scrubbed the chairs and wiped down the tables.

Good thing I did, 'cuz where would I have taken a picture of my first finished toe-up sock in super snazy self-striping disco-flashin' yarn? The only thing that I am not totally thrilled with is my cast off. It is loose enough for me to wear them, but I need to be looser next time, I think.

For some reason I failed to upload the progress picture of The Mister's second sock. Just trust me that I turned the heel and am most of the way thru the gusset.

I need the Mister to hook up my grill again.

I am probably a little over zealous in my welcoming Spring... My friend Lynn called from LB, CA last night and I was so excited to tell her that I am finally wearing my CA winter clothes! She laughed at me. What was I thinking, really, that I would wear 3/4 sleeve shirts in the 'burgh in January? I think there are medical terms for that kind of delusion. But I am not going to worry, because it is MID-APRIL and they are totally appropriate, now. Some days.

I am missing Knitting at BN tonight. I have good reason, a fundraiser to build a new school for the parish. I still am a bit miffed that it interferes with my knitting night. I suppose it would look a litte odd with me in my finery and my hot pink sock bag dangling from my wrist. Maybe I could accessorize around the bag so that it is a fashion statement... instead of some other kind of statement. Hmm, I am going to have to think on this one.


Anonymous said...

"Cruel. Not this year, dear children. Mommy will make it better."

heheheheheh ... that made me laugh out loud!!

Anonymous said...

I must say it was good seeing the family at easter and your birthday and as always I have enjoyed the blog