Saturday, February 11, 2006

Olympic Spirit

Let the Games Begin!

The object of the game is to complete a drop shoulder sweater sized for a little boy with an intarsia frog on the front. This is where I stand. I finished the back as the coverage on the TV was finishing up. I think I will do the sleeves next and save the front for the agonizing finish.
By the by, this picture does no justice to the colors of the sweater. It is a forest green with a light sage for the hem. Much prettier in person.

Along the Lines of Pretty...

Oooh-la-la, I believe is how they say mighty nice in French. Look at what my friend Laurie gave me. A souvenir from her trip to Paris. It is so soft and sparkle-ee! I have to say that the gift was ill timed as she gave this to me last night... Just as the Olympic quest is begining?!?!? How can I concentrate on green wool with this in my hand?!?!? Would seem that someone was trying to psyche me out-If I didn't know that she is just incredibly nice and thoughtful. It will make a phenomonal accessory for my blue coat. Don't you just love the business card?

So then I guess this is an opportune time to make a few statements about the inhabitants of this place we call home, now. For as much as the weather SUCKS, and really it is the lack of sunshine that SUCKS, there are some really nice people who live here. I know that it takes time to establish oneself in a new place, 3 to 5 years at least, and having only been here not quite a year, I have been very fortunate to know the people that I do. We have a really nice community within our Parish and School, the Newcomers club has given us an outlet for the kids and the Mister and I as a couple, and the Friendly knitters at the BN are more than I could have hoped for. While I shall continue to raz the residents of these hills for being as special as they are, it isn't because I don't have a special affection for them. My goodness, I married a 'burgher! I must find it a bit amusing... although I didn't know just what I was getting into, I am beginning to understand. So pardon me, as I mourn the sunny shores of our former home, knowing that I am grateful for your friendship.

Take a Silly Picture of Me, Mommy!

INBA wanted to get into the act. Luckily, Eldest didn't see him being silly with his necklace. Isn't he cute? INBA is 4. Cute is the only thing that saves him.

Last Note

My apologies for the comments snafu. I assumed that when I set up the new blog that the settings for the postings also transfered with some of the other information that did. It did not, but I have corrected that and you may now post comments to your heart's content, annonymously or other-wise. :) And I would appreciate that.


Anonymous said...

Excellent start to the sweater! And you're right the picture does no justice to the colors which are so much richer in person.

LaurieG said...

Wow, great start! And, there's an article on intarsia in the latest Interweave Knits mag. I'll bring it with me (and an example) next time I see you (if I can remember...)