Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mixed Emotions


Here is the status as of 11pm Monday Night. Pretty impressed with myself, I must say. Tonight, about half the second sleeve is worked. That is a good thing.

A Not Good Thing...

My Brother had a car accident last night. Details are sketchy, but what results is this: He is alive. He was thrown from the vehicle, he shattered his femur, has undergone surgery to have a rod installed, will have follow-up surgery on Thursday to clean out more bone fragment. He also almost completely ripped off his ear, but the plastic surgeon who repaired it said that there won't be a scar. He has a neck brace because of some swelling on the back of his neck that may be contributing to some numbness in his fingers. And needless to say he is in a lot of pain. Even morphine can only do so much. Obviously, I am reporting this second hand.

My Sister drove up from Indy to be with him. He is in St. Elizabeth Hospital in Lafayette. If you want more info, leave a comment or contact me via email. I am going to be there this weekend. We haven't decided yet if The Mister and the boys will go with me or not. I feel so helpless and so worried about my little Brother. Thank God, he is young and strong, he will heal. I believe that.

Still, say a prayer for him.

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