Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hole-y Cow!

Darn it!

I knew it would happen eventually. I am just as disappointed as I thought I would be. So now I need to learn to mend. Funny how when you spend 2 bucks and 2 minutes in a store, a sock doesn't mean much... spend a few hours and all of a sudden, I see why one would fix a sock.

The Frog

Well, I finished the other sleeve and cast on the front. The plan is to get to start on the frog this evening. I am going to Indiana this weekend, I am not deluding myself that I will work on it there. I am hoping to get far enough that it doesn't bother me that I am working on a sock or something instead of the sweater. I have 10 days or something, I hope 3 doesn't wreck me. And even if it does... he ain't heavy, he's my Brother.

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