Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bling Bling

The Cheers Are Deafening

Yes, here it is, official...

The pride of accomplishment is really uplifting. INBA wore his sweater to school today. See me beaming?

AND, I taught the school principal to knit. Wonders of all, she is left handed and when I handed her the needles and yarn to begin to knit, she picked the yarn up in her RIGHT hand after I had just shown her with the yarn in my left hand. So I taught her English and she took to it with no qualms. She is a happy GMa, has set herself a goal of a baptismal blanket as a first project and will be fabulous.

I love people who don't hesitate to expand their world. "I can't do that," isn't part of the vocabulary...

Another Great Thing About PGH

2. WYEP an independent radio station that plays the best music on the planet. You can stream online and you can even become a member online, too. Cannot say enough about how much I love this station.

3. Yes, my Knitters are up at the top of the list... Sanity is precious and having buddies that have a similar infatuation with fiber and textile of all sort, well that is priceless. But frankly, Laurie I don't like to acknowledge the ravishing beauty of my cohorts... it is an ego thing, sorry.

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LaurieG said...

Well, ok. And I'll even tell you how to get the medal in the sidebar if you want.