Saturday, February 25, 2006

Olympic Glory

First Things First...Welcome to the top of the podium, darling...
I wasn't absolutely sure it could be done, but I knew I could try...
Me and Apolo, baby! If you don't try, you don't succeed.

I Can't Make This Up
This was lying on the floor in the family room.
I said, "What in the world?! It looks archaic!"
Eldest flies into the room, seriously, I don't think his feet touched the floor, "Cake! Cake! I'll have some Cake!"
And in the "Oh, Dear Lord, What Has My Life Come To?!" Category...
The Mister was googling this afternoon looking for a Steelers Toilet Seat. He thinks it would look perfect with our yellow comode in the first floor powder room.
Must I mention that this powder room is the most frequented lavatory in the house, most certainly by GUESTS?!?! uh, that is just me being irrationally hysterical. Sorry.
Anyway, he saw a picture in the newspaper, today, of some Steeler Freak's, I mean, Fanatic's collection that included the aforementioned throne. He was inspired, with Eldest on his shoulder cheering him on, he found one on EBAY. LUCKY for ME, he wasn't willing to shell out 40 bucks for it! *whew*
I am, however, concerned about my Mister. I then found him looking at video of Dick Butkis (sp?) and he claimed he was actually looking for Olympic information... mmmhmm, looks like football to me. I repeat, the water is tainted. This is not the man I married. I am really concerned.
Speaking of the Lord...
I don't like to make resolutions, set myself up for failure, speak out loud my aspirations to better myself. It could open up a whole can of psychological speculation as to why I plant myself in mediocrity and yet struggle against my self imposed restraints... but let's not go there. What I was meaning to get to is that Lent begins on Wednesday. Since I have little faith in my own will-power, I don't give anything up for Lent (bad Catholic) but I do try to improve something about myself. Generally this has been improving my vocabulary -read, quit the cussing - and this year is no different (try, try again.) Also I am going to finish reading the bible. I started it last summer and I am almost finished, but I need some pressure to finish.
Now, I know I just said that I don't give things up for Lent, but I am going to break my own rule (see how bad I am) and I am going to give something up this year. Can you guess?
I will put in a side note while you are thinking. Did I mention that my Birthday is on Easter this year? Yes, it is a special time. Feel free to shower me with Cadbury Eggs. Actually, I need a new garlic press. Hercules that I am, I broke mine the other day. It was even an OXO. I miss it.
Ok, whatcha think? The suspense is killing me, so I will just tell you that I am giving up my BAD ATTITUDE! I know, you barely noticed my poor disposition since we moved from the Golden State to the grey state, but really, I can't even stand being around me some days. So, I am embracing ( I am cringing as I type this) whatever it is that I need to embrace to shed this coat of gloom that I have been wearing for a year. I realized no one here really knows me as whom I prefer to be, happy, relaxed, optomistic. I am just a snotty, whiny, bitchy (oops, language,) angry, sarcastic, outspoken grouch. Hmm, not particularly flattering. Still, people talk to me and I am sure about me, so just think how much more enjoyable those relationships could be if I don't have such a bad attitude about everything. This is not going to be an easy task. This is the kind of resolution that is the reason I don't make resolutions. But this is for the health and well being of the family, of me. So, help me if you can. But not until next Wednesday :p
Back to the Socks
So now I can go back to knitting my socks without guilt. I have a lacey scarf to finish, too. Always something to keep me busy.


Anonymous said...

A) I think we see you as you are. You do a good job hiding it. :)

B) Think of your challenge this way, if you can make an intarsia sweater from your own pattern in 17 days, you can improve yourself during Lent and make it stick.

LaurieG said...

Well, I think you should go to Kennywood -- I think it would change your view of the 'Burgh. (Maybe drinking alot of IC would help too...)

GREAT sweater! I'm truly impressed! You're so talented -- I could NEVER have done it after only knitting for a year. You deserve the gold.

But seriously, you could try to think of something GOOD about PGH every day. Wouldn't that be penance enough?