Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Mister thinks that I have commitment issues. 8+ years of Marriage and I have commitment issues? Ok, maybe I have difficulty with buying 12 balls of yarn to make myself something wonderful... but that is more like an avoidance/procrastination issue. If I start a project, I have to finish... if I do not feel that I can finish in a timely manner... I just don't start. It isn't commitment, it is failure that I have a problem with.

So, that clarified, what is one to do when there arises monumental problems with a long undertaking otherwise know as the Mister's Blue Cable Sweater?

Did you say knit a glove??? Why yes, that is a splendid idea and I did just that.
The cuff is muslin Kroy sock yarn, the rest is hand-dyed Fernwood Woolworks, Garden Harvest. Such bright and lovely colors on a bleak, rainy weekend. I used the pattern from the knitter's handy book of patterns.
I discovered that I have a skinny palm and long fingers. Of course I figured this out after I knit the pinky. I left it a bit stubby and knit the rest of the fingers with try-ons before decreasing.

So what was wrong with the MBCS? Well, aside from having long arms (understatement) the Mister also has wide shoulders. This is a good thing, we wouldn't want to be swinging those arms from anything less. However, the Mister is much more narrow in the chest (that measurement which was used to calculate the body of the sweater) than one would expect with shoulders like he has. So when it came time to put his shoulders into the sweater, I realized that I couldn't decrease the way EZ wanted me to or the poor man wouldn't be able to put it on! 3 inches makes a difference, I would guess. So, I made a glove... until Laurie returned my desperate plea for help. The cure? Fake decreases.

These decreases are necessary for the saddle shoulder to look right, but I couldn't skip them because he needs depth for the armhole. So we faked it. Decrease and then increase and all is well. Brilliant, eh? I get depth but don't lose width!
Thanks, Laurie!!!
So I am now plugging away again. I have begun real decreases... but progress is slow. I have a couple of days until the Birthday...

Thank goodness he will have other gifts and cake to distract him.

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LaurieG said...

Great sweater! I'm definately gonna try my hand at a button. (I've gotta do it for work, anyways.) And loving the glove!! Now you have to make the mate. I really think you need to do it right away, you should really put all your other projects aside until you get that pair done. Everything else can wait.