Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What's That Over There?

Happy Birthday, Dear Mister...

Wow, look at that cake!! I am so not a baker. I don't know what it is.
The only consolation is that they taste ok, they just look bad. I didn't take a picture of it cut because then you would see just how bad it was by the depth and unevenness of the frosting.

But look, the Mister ate it and it did taste ok and he survived the experience. Oh, and he knows that I love him... I SAID AND HE KNOWS THAT I LOVE HIM! yeah, he knows. What? He isn't wearing a beautiful blue cabled sweater? Um... look at that crazy cake!
Ok, fine. I did not have the sweater finished. Indeed, I stayed up too late after this picture was taken and got all the way to the first saddle... huh? you thought I would do an easier shoulder just because I am never going to finish at the rate I am going... you fool.
Yes, so I worked all the way through the first saddle and then I apparently kept going. Yes, I think I may have knit nearly twice as much saddle as one would need for a shoulder. But, I am not sure. It depends on how one reads the directions and from which angle. How big is a Mister's cranium, anyway? How large a collar would one need if one is a lean guy, anyway? I could go on, however, you can see that I am thoroughly confused, yet again. So it sits and will probably sit until Friday when the ever lovely Laurie will once again save the day and the knitting, all at once.

After all that, I just had to get out of town!
Off to Indy with the brood.
INBA loves car trips. We hopped onto I-79 at the Bridgeville exit to go south to I-70. It is a grand 7 minutes from our house to this point in the 6 hour journey to Indianapolis. We merge onto the freeway and INBA yells out from the back seat..."Are we there, yet?"

Um, no.

And so it goes for 6 hours. Like water torture.

Being that it is Indianapolis, The Children's Museum has a replica of an Indy car for the kids to fight over, I mean, play on. And before I go much further, if you have any means to, please go to the Indianapolis Children's Museum with your family. It is very large, reasonably priced and very, very nice.

I know that it is only a matter of time before the boys try to make our house look like this... elevated track for the train.

This is the clock in the entry of the building. It is glass with the water filling the bubbles to mark the hour and the minute. I am not exactly sure how it works but it is really cool to watch.

What a Handsome Lot!
My Sister, her son, My Mom and Eldest, Me and INBA, my Niece (sister's d), My Brother, His Girlfriend and his son, and her daughter. Whew!

This is what it looked like today here in the 'burgh. INBA is making train tracks. First on the driveway, then around the sandbox and then all over the back yard. He was out there for almost an hour walking in circles, following the track.

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We all have our super powers. To be honest, I probably would have chosen something else, but we are who we are :D