Sunday, January 28, 2007

Done at Last!


My First Man-size Sweater. My first cable. My first saddle shoulder (see why I couldn't do another shoulder?)

My goodness, isn't he handsome?

It isn't perfect. I suppose he could use maybe two more inches of ease. Just so he could put a button-down shirt under it comfortably. He would prefer another inch or two in the length, too. The sleeves are perfect, he says. *whew*

I think it fits him nicely. I think that I will make a note or two. I think I may make him another one. If I start soon, I won't have a problem getting it done for his birthday next year. The problem is usually unrealistic expectations, isn't it?
Oh, and yes Laurie finished before me. That was a low-down-dirty trick leading me to believe that she was going to run out of yarn. 5 yards is plenty of wiggle room. I was duped! Not that I would have finished any sooner than I did. Again, let's be real about our expectations. Good job, Laurie, now we have the warmest Hubbies in the 'burgh.


LaurieG said...

I think your next husband sweater should be the "Irreversible Sweater" as my son dubbed his sweater. Great guy sweater, if I do say so myself. Those shoulders would look great in a raglan.

And I dunno, but my husband hasn't tried his on yet -- so who really won?

Anonymous said...

I think your choice of shoulder was perfect. It does certainly look nice on him. Great job! And you're lucky, my hubby doesn't want a sweater. Unless of course I were to knit it with one really long sleeve and one really short sleeve. Oh well, I suppose that's the price I pay for boys who love knitterly gifts. :)