Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ignore the Inconvenient

At least that is what I was going to do. I haven't posted in 2 whole weeks? Ah, skip it. But then, NO! There are actually pictures. I had been planning to post, honest, I even have a little list on a scratch pad. Granted, I had been planning for so long, I don't know what a couple of those scratches mean. I still think that my memory is so good that I won't forget anything, especially something funny. Ha.

Well, let's get on with it, since you obviously don't believe that I have done anything but sleep for two weeks.

There are no pictures for yesterday. The boys and I met up with Laurie and her family at Trax Farm for the Family Fall Festival, or something like that. Laurie had a camera and looked to be taking some nice pictures, maybe she will post them for your pleasure. We were soundly defeated by the corn maze. We had to be led out by some small child who climbed between the stalks to find his way. Probably if we had listened to Laurie's Older Son- he was yelling "LEFT," I don't know how we ignored him- we may have found our way out without the shame... either way, it was an adventure.

Let's step back in time...

A picture of the boys from a week or so ago... notice that INBA is wearing a sweater that I made for Eldest and he refuses to wear. He was really smug when I noticed that INBA was wearing it, like he had pulled one over on him... Huh, huh, INBA is wearing that sweater, huh, huh.

Fine, be that way. The Mister says that I cannot love the younger one more because he wears my knitting. Besides he is still 4. He has his own issues.

Speaking of issues, INBA has very delicate toes. He cannot stand socks and the seams. Oh, what a fight to get the kid back into shoes for the winter. So, after a million dollars and the most seamless socks one can find commercially (which are not seamless, thanks for nothing stride rite) I made the boy a pair of socks. See, I took a picture when I started because I planned to post...

But here they are finished. I didn't pull ahead in the skein to match the stripes because I wasn't sure that I could get both socks out of one skein (knit picks Parade.) But I did, and could have matched the stripes and been ok. I do, however have another skein- purchased with the intention of a pair for myself- so I am intending to make another pair to match the first and then have 2 pairs of matched stipes... follow?

ok, it looks like I have extra pictures that show up in the post but not in my working area. Sorry.

Anyway, this morning INBA refused the "seamless" socks in lieu of mommy-made socks. But I don't love him anymore than I would have. I promise.

And there is Pea Pod. I really like knitting lace, I just cannot do it while tired or when I have a headache. So, progress is slow since I do my knitting in the evening after the world has sucked almost every last drop of energy from my bones.
I have gotten 3 of the buttons knit on, so it will get done. I suppose I will just have to give myself permission to knit during the day. It is a gift with a deadline, after all, not just for my pleasure -which I am certainly not entitled to during the day. :)

What Has the Mister Been Up To?
Well, he fixed our front porch.
Several of the bricks along the front and side were about to fall off. Also, many in the middle had the mortar crumbling around them. Every time I swept it I took more out. So he made it as good as new. How unbearably useful my Mister is!!

Then the Mister took the boys to Alcosan's Open House.
Yes, that Alcosan... Allegheny County Sanitary Authority- the waste water treatment plant.
They all really enjoyed it.
I had a couple hours to myself which I enjoyed as well.

Anyway, these are the pictures the Mister took.
The boys doing Mad Science.
The boys coloring.

No pictures of the 100ft deep pit that all the waste water flows into, no picture of the screens, no pictures of the river, nothing. I love my boys as much as he does, but geesh. At least he remembered to take the camera, which is better than I do most of the time. So, good job, Mister.

This is his favorite favor from the open house. Frankie the Fish on a Bethel Bakery Cookie. He made a point of taking this picture as soon as they got home.

Now, I solemnly promise to be better about my posting.

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