Thursday, October 12, 2006

I Don't Need to be Fast

But sometimes it just doesn't seem fair that other people are so fast. Not that I want to be
anything like Wendy, I am a bit green of her completed in two days purple pea pod. I will refrain from whining about all the demands on my time and my inability to think coherently after 8pm and just plug along on my green with envy pea pod. It just has to be done by November or maybe the end of... the little boy is due the 19th...

And I don't like this sock yarn. Or maybe I don't like cotton blend sock yarn (oh, the maligned jaywalker.) Or maybe I don't like how my gauge is smaller once working on a sock than when I swatch. I know that this skein had a lot of burps. And I don't care for the colorway, it seems dingy to me. And it is a chevron pattern from my beloved Sensational Knitted Socks book by Charlene Schurch, that just didn't do what I expected. I am bummed and it is too small for me, so unless I can think of someone with a 8 years to small woman size foot, I am not going to mess with this. Of course, the Mister couldn't see why I was even bothering to finish the one in the first place. Well, I don't like unfinished objects and it bugs me that I spent so much time on it to rip it all the way back and toss the lot into the bottom of the odds box. At least this way, if I find someone I want to do the other for, I can... and only curse half as much.

This is Eldest's last chance for my knitting for a long time if he refuses it. My camera doesn't like purple, for some reason. It is crazy royal purple and it is going to be a sweater vest. It also happens to be school color purple. He will be dashing in it, if he agrees to wear it. So far he has not said no, he picked the skeins out himself. But enthusiastic, he is not. I still love him. I promise.

Ok, cross your fingers for me... the MIL is moving in tomorrow. She is only going to be here until her house is built... so maybe you should cross your fingers for the homebuilder. Don't cry for me, the Mister and I get to go out to dinner with friends on Saturday to celebrate our anniversaries (ours 10-10, theirs 10-12, oh, that was today!) The boys are excited to have a sleep over with GMA, they have been bugging her for that since we moved here, and maybe the Mister and I can steal a little extra us time. I hate to call it a built in babysitter... that would be a dream and it is just my MIL, after all.


LaurieG said...

Aww, now I want to knit a Pea Pod too! What yarn are you using again?

Anonymous said...

I think she's using the Cashsoft (the wool softee yarn) which I used for a different baby sweater and LOVED it! I used the Cashcotton which is yummy too but not near as nice.

Hang in there. I think you've made great progress on the pea pod.