Monday, September 25, 2006

Post Without Pictures

I Remembered the Camera...when we were about half an hour from home. Ok, maybe a little further.
We went off yesterday to Penn's Colony with the boys. It was quite fun! The boys are still getting the hang of Country, State, County, City.... so the idea of a Colony, well that was just a bit much.

INBA was persistent in trying to understand. So, I told him that it was what Pennsylvania was before it was a state, a long time ago. He says, "Oh, but they had steam trains!"
"No, before Steam Trains." Sorry, but it really is all the kid thinks about. And then I got a little sassy and said, "before dirt." hahhaahha.
He misses nothing. "Before dirt!!! What was under the grass?"
*Sigh* Then we had to go through the whole, no-no, Mommy was kidding, thing. And, "Did they have bushes and trees?" thing. And the, "Are we there yet?" thing. "We've been in the car a really long time." thing. The, "I don't want to go." thing. The, "I am still 4," thing.

Eldest enjoyed the Scotsmen in kilts playing traditional music in a rock and roll style. And I must say Do Ya Think I'm Sexy on bagpipes is pretty, um, enjoyable. I cannot top that.

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Anonymous said...

Chuckle all you want but this Scottish girl not only can play the bagpipes but can play that song as well. :)