Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Take this Attitude and....

Well, I guess I am going to have to break down and take a computer class. Obviously technology is eclipsing me despite my denial of such an event. I am a slave to my template and automatic popups. I so annoy myself. It is time to give in.

Laurie emailed me pictures from the farm so that "I had no excuse not to blog." Uh, my kids aren't good enough for your blog? huh? Well, it makes no difference because my email provider will only let me have them as a webpage, so I dunno. I suppose if I thought about it (ask the Mister to fix it for me) I might get it figured out. Oh, the effort that life demands.

A suggestion was made on her blog, ok, is fantasized about regularly at the BN Friday knitting, of a yarn shop career. I think it should be a yarn shop with attitude. And I do not mean the "nobody likes green" attitude. I mean, "quit your sissy whining and step away from the bulky wool. Socks ARE NOT hard. They have been knit for HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of years by people much less 'educated' than yourself." But it is like the lady that asked me, as I sat in the sunshine, waiting for INBA to be done with preschool, knitting a sock, "can you knit anything?!" To which my reply was, "Um, yeah. I can do anything that I decide to try." Attitude, people, attitude is everything.


Anonymous said...

I was hoping to post the line "I'm knitting with only one needle..." - Freddie Mercury somewhere just inside the entrance. And yes, it should be attitude. The attitude of "why knot?" After all, if you can't see it from 20 paces galloping by on a horse, it's not a mistake. :)

LaurieG said...

Heh, remember the armpit thing? So your grafting is a bit wonky -- if someone's got their face that far into your armpit you've got other concerns, honey!

And the pictures -- right click and select "Save picture as.." Save them wherever you normally save pictures. (Make a new folder for them.)

I could go for some sewing lessons (was thinking of asking next week) Let's talk.