Thursday, October 26, 2006

Apricots, Discounts and Lots of Love

The Mister loves apricots. So when Celtic Queen started talking about how it just isn't a holiday without Apricot Pie, well, I knew that the Mister would need to be having pie for dessert, soon. That was last Friday at Knitting, by Sunday I had soaked the apricots and whipped up a hunkaheaven. Neither the Mister nor his mother had ever had apricot pie before, so by all accounts it was the Best Apricot Pie that any of us had ever had.I did sprinkle the crust with the 'secret recipe' sugar and cinnamon, just because there was no spice in the filling. Thanks CQ.

I guess the dollar store really is a discount store. GMa picked up puzzles for the boys. Here Eldest is showing off his 99 piece puzzle. What do you expect for a buck? All 100 pieces?!?! At least it was just a bit of the Atlantic missing.

And then there is lots of love.
Yes, that is Eldest sporting Mamalove in the form of a sweater vest in school-color-purple (grape wool-ease.)
He likes it and I am swelling with love.

As for INBA, that is not bedhead. He and Eldest spent a silly amount of time in front of the bathroom mirror 'fixing' their hair. INBA thought his looked 'cool.' Thank goodness he isn't aware of what gel can do for a guy.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the pie. Another thing to try that I forgot to mention (because it's not "tradition"), you can add a little ginger to the filling and/or the sugar dusting on the crust. Also, if you always liked those apricot filled cookies from Pepperidge Farm, the same filling for the pie can be used along with your favorite sugar cookie recipe to make filled cookies. Just take the cut out cookie add a dollop of filling put another cut out cookie on top and seal. Bake as your sugar cookie recipe calls for, just a little longer to let it get golden brown. (Think round cookie with the tiny heart cutouts on the top one)