Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Men At Work

You Know Mommy Likes a Clean Line...

The boys are being trained up right in the trade of painting. The Mister gives them lots of pointers and a scary small space to practice in. But the outcome is fabulous, even if Eldest complained that they had more turns with the brush on the chocolate wall.

Yes, I realize that it is brown, but I like the sound of chocolate better. In general, I like chocolate better. I would say it is my girl gene, but INBA has it, too. Must be the sophisticated-tastes-gene.

I would have liked to have chucked it all to the wind and had the Celtic Queen and her celtlings over for a playdate Saturday morning and been her partner in crime, avoiding family entanglements, but I was really hoping that The Mister would do as he said and finish the room.

Of course, The Mister is a man of his word. YIPPEE! I love color.

Here's a look at what it ends up as. The green is more sage in real life, it looks a bit minty to me in this picture. See the mister there? He is taking a well deserved break. Thanks, Mister!

He loves me, you know.

A Little Knitting.

I finished the sweater for Miss M's Mimi. I think the sleeves turned out pretty cool, they are pastel on the front and the jewel tones in the back! Funny how the yarn did that, I didn't really notice the pastels until it did.

I guess they weren't kidding about it not being a good time to start a new project. There were several errors in the pattern and to finish the ensemble requires needles that I did not have until I purchased them today! Really, how could I not have size 4 dpns? unreal.


LaurieG said...

I think it's something about the size 4 needles. I once found at least 3 pairs of size 4 straights in my needle box, and I don't believe I've ever knitted anything with them.

You're right about the colors opening the room up. Great choice!

Anonymous said...

Wow I am still amazed that my best friend is such a blogger. You are a gifted and wise woman, mother and wife, and as always it has been a pleasure reading about your life. I can't wait to see your house.
Katherine E.