Monday, March 06, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Something Finished

I really love these socks. I like the striping. Iwill really like it when the weather gets nice enough to wear them... 60?

Something that will eventually be finished

This is the Madison scarf from Knitpicks it seems to be happy to be an ongoing project. One day I will just run out of yarn, I suppose.

Something I hope I can finish

This is what I am doing with the yarn that I bought in Italy before Rick and I were married. Yeah, I have been fondling it for about 8 or 9 years.

So the problem is that I only have 4 balls and I want nothing more than to have some shawl/wrap type thing when I am done... I know this is a huge fantasy, but I figure if I pray the whole way... loaves and fishes, right? Ok, so it is Lent... that must mean something? I would wear it on Easter!

This is the pattern I am using. It is a garter drop stitch pattern that I found in my Vogue Dictionary of Knitting Stitches. I have 55 sts and it looks about 16 inches wide. But I only have 4 balls, 436 yards.

I think I could embellish around it to give it some more length. I thought maybe with some crochet thread and maybe some beads? OOOH, purty.

Why, thank you for asking! Of course I haven't beaded anything before. There was no need... until now. Always up for a new technique. Heaven forbid I ever get bored.

Oh, For Me?

It is quite considerate of you to inquire as to what I would appreciate for my birthday. Really, no gift is necessary. But, if you insist... this would do nicely.
I know. I am a total bag lady. And certainly, pick which ever color you think best. I seriously cannot decide.

I can understand not wanting to encourage the sickness, so how about a lovely tea set?
Just the cups and teapot, I am not much for coddled eggs. I do wish they had a small plate to match. Then it would be perfect. So what I have tea alone... I bet I could find tea drinking friends to come to my house if I had such a spiffy set. Either way, I would enjoy looking at it.

I would add the garlic press to the list, but I am going to have to break down and buy one, soon. I am not enjoying garlic fingers from actually mincing. ick.

What about those Guys?

What about 'em? They are still here. Still messing up the house, still dirtying clothes, demanding food, wrestling, crying, and laughing. I bought a book of Sudoku puzzles at the dollar store last week- for me - and Eldest and the Mister cannot put it down. The Mister does most of the work, but Eldest sure gets it and does well with help. Best dollar I have spent in a long time. I enjoy them enjoying it and I get to peek over a shoulder occasionally.

Eldest finished up another session of Floor Hockey this last weekend. He wants me to post his team photo on "our blog." Why do I have to share everything? Get your own blog, kid, it's free. Oh, that whole, I'm not 6 yet, thing. Whatever. I will see what I can do about that picture.

INBA is on another Fido kick. Mostly it is just at home that he refuses to be refered to as anything other than Fido the Dog, but he does bark in public occasionally. I know the kid wants nothing more than an animal pet, but I think this is really far better for his imagination. I hope the worst thing that I do as a mom is not getting him a dog. I would be doing pretty good.

Another good thing?

5. A lovely view from the Fort Pitt Tunnel. When coming through the tunnel into town on a pretty day or at night, the city is lovely. In either direction, the bridges the buildings, the hills, the water, the lights at night all combine for a really nice view.
6. A Convention Center with a view, too. We went to the home show this weekend, too. The upper level has a nice view of PNC park, the river, and a train bridge crosses the river right next to the building. The boys loved watching the freight trains running.
7. Station Square has a fun water fountain. It is one of those ones that they choreograph the water spray and lights to music. Freight trains run along the tracks by that plaza, too.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I like tea. And I've always wanted to go to a tea party (I could wear a hat!)

~Laurie (can't get blogger to recognize me at work :/)