Sunday, July 09, 2006

Live Like You Were Dying

So, I have been thinking about Death lately.
How funny it is for someone to say, "I'm dying. " Well, duh. Every day since the day we were born is spent moving toward the inevitable. Sure, we grow and grow and grow, peaking, I would say from my own experience, around 22 or 23 years, and then the steady decline begins. Physically, at least. Perhaps that is the most difficult thing about life. Our body begins to give out just as the mind really kicks in, just beginning to make sense of all that information crammed in by years of formal education.
Upon further reflection, I would say that Childbirth really did me in. Ok, maybe it was the three years of pregnancy and lactation that did me in. Oh, hell, lets include the 4 1/2 years of continued torment, just for fun. It did me in. I shall never recover. As few have. But then I think of nature, all of the earth, and I think, "hey, who am I to complain about the length of time I have, just look at the flowers."
Yeah, the flowers.
Spring springs, the earth warms, (I am speaking from the perspective of a climate that gets unnecessarily cold,) and the flowers thrust themselves toward the sun. They grow and grow and grow. Then they unfurl their bloom. Swaying in the breeze, they graciously accept the appreciative glance, the deep breath of their fragance from an adoring passerby. Oh, to be so beautiful, full of life. Then, the bee is lured to her blossom.
"Hey there, Mr. Bee, sure is a fine day. My, you certainly are a hairy one, aren't you."
"Oh, yes, I do have some very tasty nectar. Would you like to try?"
"Mmm, I do enjoy the way you brush up against me."
"Oh? So soon? Well, do come visit me again."
So patiently she waits.
"Hello! Is that you, Mr. Bee?"
"Oh? A friend of Mr. Bee? Well, I suppose, but I'm not really that kind of flower."
And the next thing you know, she's been pollinated. A seed begins to grow and her beauty fades, is gone within a shockingly short time. And then, dead.
So who am I to be complaining.

Away, for now.

We are having the wood floors refinished. It is supposed to be done this week. I will be gone for a bit. I could take the laptop to the MIL's, but having been thoroughly spoiled by the Fiber Optic DSL, I think I would rather abstain than deal with dial-up. Such a SNOB!! *gasp*


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Cerella said...

Oh, Lord! We had all of our hard wood floors refinished as well and boy oh boy am I ever glad that it's all over! :)