Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Home Sweet Chez Mayhem

I Missed You While I Was Gone...
And oh, how busy we have been.
Thanks to GMA, we were out of the house for 10 days while floors were done and drying... P-U, I was beginning to think that the smell woud never go away. Now we are functioning fairly well.
Here are pics of the powder room that The Mister did for me...


See how nice and yellow the fixtures were?

See how elegant and white it all is. I need to make a curtain for the window. I have the fabric, but my sewing room hasn't seen priority to be organized yet.

And how about those floors?

Please note that the foyer floor was pretty much the same color as the rug in front of the door. Ah, the beauty of natural oak.
The family room is gorgeous, too.
Overall, very pleased.

Yes, but have You Finished anything?

Why, yes, thank you for asking.
I finished a Claudia Handpainted sock, began the second.
Ah, it is like wrapping a cloud around your toes.

And then ther is a Baby Tart hat that is morphing into a Raspberry...ok, not finished, but is a definate amount of work. Oh, yes, the Celtic Queen warned me (laughed, really) about the bobbles and how I would feel about them after a few.
Thank goodness it is for an infant.

Speaking of infant, if someone can produce a little girl this fall, a lovely and colorful cardi can be theirs. I do need to attach the lovely purple buttons. I do, however, consider this complete. Because I can.

This was fun, because I knit it in one piece starting at the botom of the back. I adapted a pattern that called for a worsted weight yarn. My math worked! Happy girl.


LaurieG said...

You know, I still think you should have gone with the Steeler bathroom. With those fixtures, you could have done a "Retro 70's Steelers" theme. Great stuff -- I love the hat!

Anonymous said...

White? You went white? :) I like the simple elegance. Good job, Mister Dude!

The floors look FABU! You're so lucky.

And you can't say I didn't warn you about bobbles. Like you said, it's for an infant and they are worth some trials.