Tuesday, February 02, 2010

They Arrived

The teeth, that is.

Big girl had a good 9 month check up. 19lbs and 14oz. I forgot to ask how tall, she is in the 80th percentile, though.
The pediatrician thinks she may go straight to walking. She has plenty of muscle and no reason not to be crawling... if you don't count the three men that wait on her hand and foot!
Oh, and she cut one tooth the day before her appointment and the other the day after. Whew! Now she is chewing on a finger shoved way back by her left molars... ugh.

That's it. Just wanted to say "hi."


Downtown Dancing Knitter said...

She is growing up so fast-- wanted to say Hi :) MIS EVERYONE!!! <3 Carly

Patricia said...

Hooray for a great 9 months checkup and for teeth! Still waiting over here at 7 months....

Rani said...

9 months already! Sheesh, does the time fly!

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