Friday, February 12, 2010


Missed connection.

Babies R Us in Bethel Park today. I was in line, you were... over there. I think it was you, at least. I didn't have Lil'onE with me. Otherwise, I would have gone up to you and said, "Hi. It is me, is it you? I really would like to have a friend with a baby. I really think we could get along. I'm not creepy, see?" But then again, that might have been creepy.

So I bought my baby food and moved along.

As a side note. BrU sells Earth's Best for 89 cents and GE sells the same jar for $1.09. I tell myself that I am saving money by going to BrU, but after I spent $100 to buy 27 jars of food (and a bunch of other stuff that was on sale but I could have lived without) I am not so sure. Funny how that works.

And I know that there are plenty of people that live in places that get snow as a regular part of their winter and that these same people are shaking their heads in amazement at the paralysis a couple feet of white stuff has caused in this area of the country. But really, it is getting a bit ridiculous, all this precipitation! I am afraid that we aren't going to go back to school before Easter and then the kids will be in school until August! At some point we have to make peace with a snowy winter and move on. PLEASE!

Ok. I have to take the boys to impound their cars for the pinewood derby tomorrow and then we are camping out to watch the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics. I will cast on for the Romantikk cardigan (rav link) for Lil'onE, too. Enjoy!


Patricia said...

So could it be me you are talking about? I really wouldn't have thought it was creepy, if you are talking about me. If it wasn't me I hope I'm not creeping you out but I was in that very store today.

Anonymous said...

Would you like me to have a baby so we can be baby mamas together? Because I am really itchin' for one more and I am building up a list of reasons to win M over to the idea... and you could be one of my reasons!

Have you considered making your own baby food? It's dead easy and a lot cheaper. And very handy when snowbound! :D

Heather said...

Yes, Patricia, it was you that I saw. I wasn't 100% sure, so I got shy :)

And, Stephanie, I do make most of her food. But I am l.a.z.y. I don't like to strain, so I buy peas and rice, prunes and oatmeal, and apple blueberry. If you want to use me to work over M, feel free... but hurry up. :)