Monday, February 08, 2010


I should have said that I pinched that list off of someone else, who had pinched it from another blog... as it goes on the internet :) I am glad you enjoyed it. I know I did.

We had huge snow here in the 'burgh over the weekend. #4 biggest snowfall on record. The weatherguys are calling for another 4-8 inches on top of the 22+ that we just got. Needless to say, there was no school today. But there are big snowbanks and tunnels and errant snowballs everywhere you look.

School has been cancelled for tomorrow, already. I will be surprised if we have school on Wednesday, too. The roads are not cleared well and the next snow is supposed to get here tomorrow and no temps above freezing in the near future. It is like being a little girl in Northern Michigan all over again! [what is it with all the little girl references on this blog lately... Lil'onE has infected us!] It is winter in the best sense of the word.


Heather said...

Wow - what beautiful snow pictures, Heather! We are feeling the effects from the same rounds of storms - about 22 inches here from the weekend, and we're expecting another foot tomorrow - unless we get sleet and freezing rain, then probably only 6 inches of snow, but still add in all the ice!! Lovely. I am thinking February 16th will be our next day of school, and no spring break! :O(

Rani said...

Boy, that looks familiar. Your kids must be in 7th heaven!!!!

Lacey said...

Oh you have much more snow than I do. I am glad of that. I had my share of huge snows when we lived in upstate NY for 3 years. From shoveling my drive way the snow was above my head. Enjoy yours I think ours is about to melt.

DPUTiger said...

I love winter. I love snow. I keep trying to remind myself of that as I'm out there all by myself clearing 24" from Storm #1 and psyching up to clear Storm #2 tomorrow.

I love snow. Snow is awesome.