Thursday, February 18, 2010

Out of My League

I was looking for the hat that Lindsey Vonn was wearing after she won gold in the Downhill. If that link doesn't bring it up, it was photo 26 when I was looking at it. Either way, it is the cream colored hat with USA and the olympic rings and a pompon. A friend mentioned it to me at Knit Guild today. Anyway, while trying to see what it looked like and wondering what Ralph Lauren would charge for one (doesn't look like it is for sale, maybe after the games are over?) I do see that they are selling the opening ceremonies sweater...For $425. But only in small and x-small. Thank goodness, otherwise, I might have been tempted. Wow.
I will happily knit you a cable sweater for $425. Talk nice to me and I might do it for $400.


Patricia said...

Question: Is the Ralph Lauren version hand-knit? (If not I think people are seriously getting overcharged for them. And you should in turn charge $800 for a hand-knit one). Oh--I also really liked the Lindsey Vonn hat too!

Rani said...

Yeah, I agree - they better be hand-knit and not made on some machine in China (nothing against China).

I think the extra cost is for the little patch on the arm that says
RL_10 ;-)