Friday, February 20, 2009


Boy, the time flies! Either that, or we have had a lot of stuff going on around here.
Probably both.
I was in Indy last week while my lil' Sis had her gall bladder was sucked out of her belly button. I came home to Valentine Parties with the boys, Pops with the Mister and furniture shopping for babygirl. Then it was a no school day for President's day and a crazy too many things to do Tuesday.
Let's sum up, I have spent the last 2 days sleeping. I wish I could say that I am caught up... but I am thinking at nearly 31 weeks, I will be caught up in about 2 1/2 years.
Today is lunch duty, ptg volunteer hounding and... Yea! Knit night!!
Some other goings on...
Cub Scouts had their Pinewood Derby/Grand Prix.
The boys didn't win any awards this year. They were disappointed, but have plenty of ideas for next year.

Wow, that is a lot of pink.
A friend of a friend passed on a 0-3 month assortment.
Another friend tried jinxing me and said that my baby wouldn't need such small clothes.
I am still having earnest discussion with babygirl about the merits of being a bouncing 7 1/2 lb babe. Cross your fingers for me, thanks.
Estimation of Spring Arrival
I am ready to start the hood of Eldest's Wallaby. I am not entirely sure how long it will take me to knit it, but I am fairly certain that Spring will arrive about 10- minutes after I am done.
Eldest tried it on this morning and was quite taken with it. I did knit a size 10, but I don't think that it will fit him next winter. Have you found the Wallaby to run small? Or do you think my crazy life affected my gauge? I should double check.
Either way, it is a lovely sweater. Someone will wear it.
Whatever it takes to see Spring. *grin*

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Rani said...

And not to add to your worries . . . (hee hee) but two of my gal pals thought they had girls on the way and lo and behold - BOYS! Something about their little boy "packages" not descending until later in the pregnancy making the baby look like a girl. Just a thought.