Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Who is Washing the Car?

The Mister washed my car.
The boys were supposed to be helping.What the?!?!?!
Getting hosed off was almost as much fun.

In other randomness... what was that movie that had someone looking into the attic and a squirrel jumps down at him and then he chases it into the living room and it catches its tail on fire in the fireplace and then dives under the sofa and the sofa bursts into flames... come on, you know the one I mean...


potsy said...
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Celtic Queen said...

Wasn't that Christmas Vacation? And I have to say that I read your post AFTER I posted mine. :)

LaurieG said...

I was going to say it sounded like one of the "Vacation" movies.

Rani said...

Christmas vacation and the thing goes under the chair and chews on the Christmas tree wire, I think and leaves a squirrel shaped burn mark on the bottom of the chair.


cute muddy boys! Ya gotta love em