Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Balmy Summer

Both of the boys are Cub Scouts, now.

They had the Rain Gutter Regatta last Saturday.

Eldest placed third, INBA won best hull design.

They had a blast, that was the real win.

A Kid's Eye View
I watch my mom take a lot of pictures of yarn, now I do, too.

Here's what INBA saw the other day while we were at Bloomin' Yarns

Olympic Inspired Outdoor Activities


Heather said...

Wow - kid's got a good eye for the yarn pictures!! Give that boy a job! Maybe taking pictures of your projects could be one of his "chores"!!!


LaurieG said...

I think you found that boy's hidden talent. That button picture looks like something I'd see at Yarnstorm or The Panopticon! I'm jealous. [pout]

Rani said...

Great photos! You've got to love the creativity of kids.

Congrats on the races. Sounds like a wonderful summer so far!

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