Monday, August 18, 2008

You Won't Believe It!

I do not have photographic evidence, but please believe me when I tell you.


The entire Romney fleece (that I purchased at MdSW) is clean!! Yes, you heard me. It is all CLEAN!

Of course, I still have to card it and I don't really need to mention the spinning. I am so happy! Woot!

Hmm, not much else to report. The Olympic sweater is coming along nicely. Thank goodness for the arbitrary goal. A black ribbed cardigan would not be nearly as complete otherwise! I have one sleeve, the back, the left front and about half the other sleeve done. I am slowing down, though. Oxygen debt? Soul-sucking black yarn? The return of beautiful summer weather? The housework that has already been neglected for a week? *shrug* I don't know what it could be.

Oh, maybe because I spent all day WASHING MY FLEECE!!!! yea!! I did the laundry, too. And grocery shopping and took the kids to the library....

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Heather said...

There's a lot of cleaning going on over at Chez Mayhem today, huh? I hope you got it out of your system!!