Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just Because You Never Know...

Who reads your blog?
Uncle Charley!! *WAVE*
He is on the mend after what turned into a quadruple bypass and a lung operation.
Whew! Hope you are feeling better and heal quickly.
Otherwise, the weeks have slipped away here. I am wondering if I should just get used to that? It seems to be the norm anymore.
Hmm, what have we been doing?
Umm, the usual.
Not too terribly much on the knitting front. I have been spinning. I did a big basketful of carding this weekend. I am in process of washing some more. I cannot tell you how glad I am that I did not buy that 11 pound fleece! 4 pounds really is going to take all summer!
I am in process of dreaming about the cardigan I am going to make out of my romney. I found a beautiful scroll cable in a back issue (1999) of knitter's magazine. I think I want a shawl collar, too. I guess this sweater, should it materialize, will be all mine from start to finish! A little overwhelming to think about.
Oh, and also overwhelming, the school secretary's sister has two llamas. They were just shorn on Sunday. Guess who is going to have llama... um, hair? Yep, I am the (how did she describe me?) "neat" lady at school that spins and so she asked if I wanted the shearing. I said yes, of course!! I may be a durn fool, but I am going to have plenty to keep me occupied this summer :)
I told the Mister that she describes me as "neat" and he said that is as bad as being called "interesting." Heh. I still can think of worse things to be called. And I am ok, I think, with being *this far* from called eccentric.
The only weirdness in my basement is fiber, I swear!
Oh, and because weird loves company... I have friends that are total enablers. We all know about Laurie and CQ. But, then there is Annette. She has loaned me her drum carder. And she gave me an almost complete collection of SpinOff that goes back to 1986! Oh, yes, total enabler. Love it. Spoiled with friends.
Ok, here is a picture of the boys in the pool at Healthtrax.
We missed swim lesson yesterday because I forgot to pick up Eldest after school.
Yes, proud Mom Moment. Nothing like getting the phone call from the school... "Mrs. Mayhem? Eldest is waiting for you..."
Doh! In my defense, INBA threw up in the church during practice for Kindergarten Graduation. Just a little puke, he is fine. But I had to go get him. He ate a good lunch and ran my errands with me. So I was all out of sync with it being Tuesday and swim lesson day and... so we were late. The boys still had a good time in the pool. That is Eldest there in the middle. That splash is him swimming!! He forgot this spring that his entire life he has refused to let go of the instructor or side of the pool!! And you should see him. Wow. Little fish.
INBA is getting stronger, too. He is getting more comfortable putting his head under water and really blowing bubbles.
The only thing is... neither of them can tread water... not that they can't tread water, they can't keep their heads above water. Eldest is really good at treading and keeping the crown of his head out. Craziest thing you would ever see. Any hints?
Is that too many words without pictures? Did you even get this far? Thanks!


DPUTiger said...

Holy crap, I need to get back over to Healthtrax regularly. I suck.

Glad you're having so much spinning fun. Yay! :)

Darka said...

Hey, my boys just started swim lessons at Healthtrax! They had their first one and love it. The water actually looked enticing to me too, which is very unusual! I'm intrigued about the llama hair. You'll have to bring some in to knit night and show and tell!

LaurieG said...

Is Mrs. Brucker their instructor? She was my gym teacher way back when. She might even remember me. No hints on the treading water thing. Kick harder? Move his arms some?

Downtown Dancing Knitter said...

Haha- I remember swimming lessons- I hated them! They were no help, I liked swimming on my own- that's how you become a REAL fish ;-)

Rani said...

They'll get there. I think it comes with age/time.

Can't wait to see some of you fleecy work!