Monday, June 02, 2008

Up Late

I am telling myself that I need to go to bed... but the RedWings and the Penguins just went into the 2nd overtime.
So, I may as well get some blogging in so that I am not just sitting here watching hockey. :)
I am a happy girl, I just put together a photobook of 2005-2007. I hardly took any pictures (an embarassing amount of knits, not many kids) since moving to the 'burgh. But the boys love to look at the albums. I finally got it done and should be here, soon.
I am resolving to be better and take more pictures.
I bought a new camera. I know, I know. But the novelty will probably help get me back in the swing of things.
How do you like my rhododendrons? Don't they bloom nice when the Mister doesn't prune all of the set buds off? He commented how nice they look, too.There are lots of iris in the yard, too. Does anyone know how to go about thinning them? Some are so clumped that they have a hard time blooming. Do you do it like bulbs or do you need to be more careful?
I really like the BFF Sock. Hence, version 3. This is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Bosco. Rani is making a pair of socks out of this yarn, too. Great minds, I tell ya.
And that brings us to my Must Have Cardigan.
Nice sleeve, eh? Mmm-hmmm.
Except that I misunderstood what they meant by "Irish seed stitch." See, I have seed stitch on the sleeve and double seed on the back. This just means that the other sleeve will match the first and we pretend that all is as it should be. Because I can.
I still wish it was right, but I am NOT going to rip a whole sleeve over it.
It is after midnight, I may have to see the score in tomorrow's paper.
Go Wings!!
There's always next year, Pens!
And I wonder how I get into so much trouble around here...


Rani said...

Wow! What a game. It did to so late!

You can dig up your iris after they're done blooming and move them. When you plant them again, be sure to have the bulby part (the rhizone, I think) buried at the same level that they were when you dug them up. They're pretty close to the surface of the soil.

I love those double front doors and your green shutters! What a pretty house!

Downtown Dancing Knitter said...

WHAT!?!? I didn't even read the post, i just saw the GO WINGS!! You are in trouble missy!! Sorry I can't babysit on the 21st I have a birthday party where I am briading hair for a girl's 7th or 8th birthday-- i forget.. But I will be at knitting tonight! Probably won't recognize my voice! A little sick- haha <3