Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Something About Wednesday

It seems to be my day. So, Hello!
I hope your Mother's Day was nice. It stormed like nobody's business, here. Which is A-OK, because the Mister didn't try to make me go do something 'fun' outside and bug my allergies :)
That and it was easy to get a table when we took the MIL out to dinner without reservations. The Mister likes to live dangerously. (I think he is hoping that we decide to go home for hamsammiches instead of making him pay for dinner. He's tricky, but we are on to him.)
Saturday, however, was gorgeous. Not too hot, not too cold, a really nice day to explore Old Economy. The boys really enjoyed it. And since there were all of 10 people there the whole day, we did whatever we pleased without any hassle.
Eldest pumped some water. He wasn't so interested in doing laundry in the tub near by. They tried to figure out how to roll the hoops.
Daddy even got into the game.
The best part was dinner on the way home. We accidentally found this place in Ambridge. OMG. They seriously make the best Hot Beef I have ever had. And their Rice Pudding is homemade and quite possibly better than mine! The Mister says not quite, but I think he was being nice on Mother's Day weekend.
So, do you want to see my fleecy progress? Oh, good.
Here are some rolags. So fluffy and cloud-like.
This is one lock that I used a dog comb on. I have a basket of these that I am going to spin up next. I spun the rolags first. I am doing my own experiments with what is easier to spin or if I see any difference in the yarn. Just 'cuz I can.
This is my ultra fabulous stool that I bought at MSW.
I love it.
Here is my single from the rolags...
Here it is plied. I am very proud of it.
I even finished it and have been carrying it around looking for people to show it off to... funny, not too many care about my yarn. *pout* I will take it to knitting on Friday. I should find some yarny luff there.
And that is pretty much it... for now.


LaurieG said...

Old Economy! I loved going there when I was a kid. I'm sure things haven't changed much in the few years since then. :)
Love the fleecy goodness. It looks so yummy spun up! Can't wait to fondle it.

Lacey said...

I didn't know you were a spinner too! Look at all that yarn, I am impressed!

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