Monday, January 04, 2010

No Pretending

I am not going to resolve to be better about blogging. I would like to be, but there are no promises to be made right now.
We had a family picture taken last week. Can you tell that Lil'onE is teething? She looks like a little ol'lady! I have been doing a little knitting. Mostly smallish stuff.
I made stockings, this one and one white with green stripes and red heel/toe. I have enough yarn left to make a green with red stripes, but I don't think that colorway will look as good. Eldest gave me permission to make him a green stocking with red heel/toe and I talked him into white snowflakes on it. It is on the list for this year.
I was super pleased with these mitten ornaments/gift card holders that I made for my niece and nephews. I felt bad just giving them $20 for Christmas, so I made these to hold it. Turns out, I could have just made the ornaments, they all loved them. But then, doesn't everyone like to see their name in print? I am making a mental note for next Christmas.
Mrs. Claus made flame hats for the boys. This is INBA's 'fire face.'
They were too happy to pull them down to show off the flame pattern.
I think Mrs. Claus used the flame on baby hat pattern in a chunky weight wool to make it big boy size. You can find it on Ravelry. They love to point out what a good knitter Mrs Claus is compared to me.
Mrs Claus II made the boys some amazingly awesome vests that I haven't taken a picture of, but I will, because MCII needs to be acknowledged for her AWESOMENESS, she really is a better knitter than I.
And in case you wondered what I have been doing the rest of the time...
I can't believe how 2009 flew by. 2010 is going to be another eventful year. Already the calendar is filling up with happy events for friends and family.
In my knitting bag is a sweater for INBA that he asked for 4 days before Christmas. He was cold and wanted a "warm, red wool, long sleeve sweater with cables... by Christmas. Ok, fine, by New Years. Well, at least by Valentine's Day, because it is red." I have created a monster!! I love it.
After that, I am going to make myself a vest. I am either burning up or freezing cold, so a little something to throw on is necessary.
I am in the midst of making Lil'onE a grocery cart cover. I will NEVER reccomend to any one to make one of their own. They are not expensive enough to bother. I bought the pattern for 99 cents and used fabric that was already in my stash, leftover from other projects, even. Otherwise, the 4 yards of fabric and 1 1/2 yards of batting would be more than buying one at the babies store. Of course, mine will be much nicer, but I wish I could justify not finishing it. UGH. But it will be nice to have and it is screaming orange fun. But seriously, don't ever get an idea to make one. Super huge and unwieldy and a HUGE pain in the tushy. I will show you when I am done. I will finish. I must. Where the heck could I stash the thing?
Eldest came home sick from school today with a fever. So he will be home tomorrow, too. Lil'onE has had a little something, but it could just be those 2 bottom teeth that refuse to break through. If Eldest is sick, she probably has both problems. Hopefully, INBA doesn't get it.
And now you know.
Swedish meatballs for dinner and a diaper to be changed.
Happy New Year to you. Health and prosperity for you and yours in 2010!


Heather said...

Awww, Heather - that's great - you've been blessedly busy!! I love the red sweater idea!! My own little one opened his hat on Christmas day, smiling, and said "you people have got to stop!" He claims there's too much knitting going on at our house! HAH!


Patricia said...

I love the family photo, especially the lil-one's foot, it looks so delicious in that tiny shoe!!! Love the hats and the mitten ornaments, so cute! Funny on the shopping cart liner thing. My mom bought me one for Christmas or else I may have been trudging down the same path as you--although I'm sure the fabric you use is much more exciting and fun than the one we'll be sporting and so much worth it in the end. Happy New Year to you all!

Heather said...

The best part, Patricia, is that those are just her tights!! But those maryjanes look so real, until you touch them! Girls are so much fun... If you don't think about how wrong it is to treat them like a little dress up dolly :)