Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Later than Late

Oh, you know I couldn't go to bed as it headed into the 3rd overtime. Quite thrilling.

Anyway, now I am tired. go figure.

My sister is on her way here from Indianapolis. Honk if you see her on I-70. Man, Ohio is wide. She is coming for INBA's kindergarten graduation tomorrow. It will be good to see her and my niece.

I better go clean the hall bathroom and make sure the guest room has clean sheets, too. (that is code for the boys need to clean up the play room so that we can see that there is a bed in there for our guests to sleep on!)


Rani said...

How's this for a messy house. I just canceled my cleaning lady (my mother-in-law) because my house it too messy!

Have fun with sis.

LaurieG said...

Hope the graduation went well, even if it did rain. :(