Friday, April 11, 2008

Quick Pics

I was reading Rani, and I thought,
"ugh, we are supposed to get snow this weekend. I better take some pictures of the yellow in the yard before it gets frozen."Of course, it is raining at the moment, so all shots are from inside the front door...
and out the dining room window in the back.

Can you tell what the boys did with the first whisps of spring?
200 lbs already added to the box, 150 more still in the bag, compliments of Daddy.
I think there will be another 200 lbs to come.
The blessing and curse of a big, handmade sand box.
The boys play for HOURS, and man, that is a LOT of sand.


Rani said...

You stinker! FLOWERS!??!?!!? Sheesh.

Our dog did all of his toileting in the kids sandbox, so we just replaced all the sand as well. It's funny about sandboxes. It's like there is a sand trap underneath that keeps sucking up sand. By the end of the summer, there is almost no sand left!

Thanks for dangling those spring time pictures in my face. Sigh. Lovely.

LaurieG said...

Did you say 200 lbs of sand in your vacuum? :D