Monday, February 05, 2007

You Give Me Fever

I love Prince

He is an amazing artist.
What was with the marching band? The marching band with halloween glow lights?

Ok, I could get the -it's a football field, it needs a marching band.
Or, an allusion to the Beatles (the marching band refused to yield.)
Or, maybe he just liked the way Proud Mary sounded with a sousaphone.

What ever it was. I enjoyed seeing Prince at the Super Bowl. He is still funky and fun and outrageous.

No School today.

Which is ok. We have been feverish here at Chez Mayhem since Thursday. Eldest, of course, passed it to INBA. I was going to keep Eldest home one more day, anyway. Now he doesn't get marked off for attendance. And you know it does matter in 1st grade. heh.
You know why school was canceled?
It's cold.
It was 0.
I remember being sent outside by the teacher to check the thermometer (stuck in a snowbank outside the classroom door) to see if it was less than 0. If it was, we had indoor recess. If not, out we went. Here, it dips below 40 and they have indoor recess. I remember having to wait for the bus when it was 10 and 15 degrees below zero. Here, it is going to only get up to 5 degrees today, we better stay home. Bah.
I am not claiming that I liked the unrelenting cold. I got the hell out of northern Michigan at the first opportunity, went to the temperate west coast. I have no desire to live up there again, or anywhere else with a winter colder than 50 degrees. But since I now do, I can say... put on a flipping coat and some warm socks and a hat. Oh, and put some on your kids, too. I don't suppose they would be so cold if they were waiting for the bus with a jacket on. I wouldn't bring it up if I didn't see this on a regular basis.


One last nod to the Indianapolis Colts. Congratulations on winning the big game.


Anonymous said...

I bet you walked to school uphill both ways through two feet of snow too. ;) And I agree about the wearing a coat, I just don't get all the girls in their half shirts, belly hanging out with a lightweight hoodie thrown over it. Then they whine they are cold. Cover up, Honey!

LaurieG said...

And while you're at it, eat a doughnut. Dave once told me that arctic explorers practically have to eat nothing but fat to keep from starving to death, maintaining their body temps burns up so many calories. Apparently I have the appetite of an arctic explorer. Good that the weather finally cooperated. I've been training for awhile now.