Tuesday, August 29, 2006

God Bless the Working Mom

Not to Say that the Rest of Us Don't Work,
but gee-whiz, how does one do it all? I spent 3 evenings and one afternoon running a booth for our first ever church festival. It was so much fun! I think it was a smashing sucess whether we made any money to help build the new school or not. My point lies in the fact that I was only out of the house for a few days, hours really, and I am exhausted, overwhelmed and waaaayyy behind in my home life. I missed my husband, my kids (ok, the break from them was nice, but I felt left out,) laundry is piled up to the sky and no one has had a decent meal in days. I don't know how you ladies make it all work, God Bless You!

Speaking of God
I guess we can put this one into the "So this is what happens when you raise your kids with religion," file.
Anyone who knows my kids, knows that there is no shortage of creative spark and imagination to them. This is what they were playing in the back seat this afternoon on the way to get their hair cut to go back to school.

INBA: "I am Jesus!"
Eldest: "And I am GOD!!"
I: "How did you make me again?"
E:"I raised you up to be with me. And then I sent you down so that they would know you were with me."
I:"Ah, so I could see my friends!!"
E:"Yes, like James and John."
I:"Oh, but I didn't get to see one."
E:"You mean Thomas?"
I:"No! JJ!!!" Laughter
E: "Let's play another game."
I:"Like Jesus Christ on the Cross?"
E:"Yeah, let's play stations of the cross. I say a thing and then you say, 'that's the best one!'"
I: "I'm the king!"
Game over, cut short by super choppers.

Now, I am a convert, but it isn't like we were raised without any religion, and I surely don't remember playing games like this. It cracks me up, makes me happy and scares me, all at the same time.

So, lets move on to a Prayer Shawl or Two...
Per request of a man that loves his mother, I am knitting a shawl for him to give her for Christmas... and one for a family friend, too.
I took that opportunity to try out Knitpicks' new handpainted Suri Dream.

This is Cascades, the blue and green are more vibrant in real-life. I like it, it reminds me of dusk in the Sierra Nevadas.

This one is Sand Dune, I like it, but I am a little worried about the patterning... It is looking so regular, I am concerned about what will happen when I add the next balls?

I know, I know, this is where you chastise me for not alternating 2 balls to alleviate some of this effect... but that is part of what I like about handpainted yarns... It is a mystery. Sometimes happy, sometimes not. So, I am reserving judgement for another half a ball.

Oh, and About Being Judgemental...

loving the sherbert socks. Must be the quickest to finish pair, yet. Of course, plain ol' stockinette can be that way. I have been avoiding the Mister's Blue Cable Sweater. I frogged all that I had done of the original pattern, found a new pattern that the Mister liked that was plain ol' stockinette with an Ensign Cable up the front, but my gauge was off. So, now I am halfway thru a swatch of the cable and then I will just whip out The knitters handy book of sweater patterns by Ann Budd and work out the logistics on my own. It's not like the arms of any standard pattern would work for the Mister, anyway. *sigh* I am so avoiding having to think.

Been Caught Reading, once, When I Was Six...
apologies to Jane's Addiction.

This is what happened, though. It was about a 8am, it was too quiet, I went looking for the boys. Eldest was reading for pleasure!! Granted, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wouldn't have been my first choice for him, but whatever! We can work on the Newberry Prize winners later. I am as proud as I can be and thrilled that school starts tomorrow.

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LaurieG said...

That's my house -- laundry everywhere and no one gets a decent meal. Love the shawls and socks! Are you joining Sock Wars?? Missed you at knitting. I just want to go on record that I wanted to knock off early and go to the carnival to see you.