Thursday, August 17, 2006

Don't Judge a Sock by Its Skein

Nice and Easy
I dunno, sometimes I just want to knit and not think.
I love my portable relaxation.
Knit around and around and then, "Hey! I need to turn a heel!"
And besides, it makes a warm sock no matter the pattern.
I suppose I shouldn't have to rationalize the fact that I feel the need, desire really, to knit a Magic Stripes sock.
Plain, not Fancy.
So I have this skein of Magic Stripes that Laurie gave me, but I wasn't really excited about the colorway. In the skein, well, it hides it's perky self.
Even the Mister thinks the skein has more ugly going on than anything else.
Well, that's what I get for judging before knowing.
'Cuz I really like the sherbert stripes! These will definately be for the day this winter when I cannot take the grey anymore!
(Uh-oh, I might wear them out, better keep my darning yarn handy.)
Shark Bites, or Orca Oracles.

The ever fabulous Laurie brought me (Really INBA, I am a means to an end) this pattern for Orca Mittens by Maggie's Rags from Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.
Of course, INBA insists that they are Great White Sharks. Ok with me. I was confused, though, when I let him pick the yarn and he picked a charcoal grey and creamy white. He knows the Great White is grey. I can only speculate undue influence by the pattern pictures. Like it really matters.
Either way, I think this is at the top of the list of unbearably cute knitting. When my kid is wearing wool mittens in August... I think he likes them, therefore I win and get the
"Mommy of the Day" Award.
Thank you for the applause, it was nothing, really.

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LaurieG said...

I'm loving the mittens!! Just wait until he wears them to school! All the other kids are going to be soooo jealous. Now if you could just sell him on the lobster sweater it'd be a complete "under the sea" ensemble. (I am stuck on the lobster sweater. I might have to chart it and make it myself!)