Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's Not All About Baby

See, here are the Mayhem fellas... making nice for a picture with Grandma when we celebrated her birthday. Ignore the cake, I have not refined my baking skills, yet.But... there is a little sister.
Cuter than Cute.
And I finished Tea Leaves and Tiny Tea Leaves.
Matchy-Match strikes again!!
If you know of any other big girl/little girl patterns, let me know! She is going to outgrow this sweater, too.

In other news...
Winter has us in its grips. Shocking, I know, being January and all.
Lil'OnE LOVES to be out side in the snow. Crazy loves to be in the snow. She grabs a "kid size" plastic shovel that is twice as tall as she is and puts nearly as much snow on to the drive way as the boys remove.
Sledding still happens out by the front steps. They have been stockpiling snow next to the retaining wall so that they can slide over the edge without hurting themselves (they want steeper slope, I want them to not bust their heads open. Mean mom.) I am hoping that the snow hangs around until this weekend. They have a 4 day weekend and I would love to send them outside for a good bit of it!
I was on Retreat at St Paul of the Cross Monastary last weekend. *sigh* It was so wonderful in many ways. I need a week. But, I will settle for a weekend next January!


Patricia said...

Beautiful sweaters! So sweet. Love her vest too. Glad you had time for yourself recently. Oh and the cake in my book is awesome...once I made one with layers that slid off of one another so any cake that sticks together wins in my book!!!

Rani said...

Happy birthday to your sweet baby girl. And congrats on the matchy matchy sweaters.