Thursday, September 04, 2008

Local Time

The week has wizzed by. Boys are still excited to go to school, the weather has been beautiful and it is amazing how quickly errands go without anyone in tow.

I should confess, for Rani's sake, that I am a mean mom. My chores get done relatively quickly when all I have to do is clean a bathroom (which I loathe to do), vacuum, mop, tidy. I am mean, because, I make the boys clean up after themselves. I said on Monday night, "you boys aren't going to be here to use all this stuff lying around, clean it up so that I can clean up." And they did and so did I. Not to imply that our house is particularly orderly. I have my issue with "hot spots" of clutter, as the Fly Lady says. But, I find that being mean to the children keeps things manageable. Besides, they have the spare bedroom as their "playroom" which they never play in, but they can put their toys there, which is probably the biggest and only reason that the house is not legos and trains from one end to the other all the time.

And huge bright spot on Mayhem Lane... My neighbors are back!!! My neighbors had moved back to Australia, for good, they said. But I went out for the mail today and THERE THEY WERE!!! And Mr. Neighbor actually said to me, "It is good to be home." WHAT?!?!? If Mr. Neighbor can make peace with living in the 'burgh, maybe I can, too... stranger things have happened... maybe. maybe not. Either way, I am thrilled to have my Neighbors back.

My Must Have Cardigan is cruising along. I think the olympics and the soul-sucking black cardigan took more out of me than I anticipated. My creative juices are quite low, suffering on all fronts. I need to contemplate a recharge... maybe knit night, tomorrow, will give me a boost. I hope.


LaurieG said...

Sit next to me. My creative cup runneth over. I have so many things I want to make and such limited crafting time I'm getting stressed about it. I, apparently am not mean. I try, but I'm too soft-hearted for my own good. But I do have a story of meanness to regale you with. (Remind me.)

Rani said...

You'll find you knitting mojo!

I'm off to dictate household chores!!! ggrrrrrrr.... watch out, kids!